My name is Bente Duckett and i am the proud owner of Frida, Winterbourne Over The Moon, Emma N UCH Coverwell Black Ice and Lilje NORD UCH NJV-18 NORDJV-18 NV-20 Winterbourne Ps I Love You. They are an important part of our family which includes my husband Richard and our three children Natalie, Leah and Sebastian. We live in Hommersåk, 30 minutes from Stavanger on the west coast of Norway. Here we have the sea on one side of the house and the mountains on the other side. Just perfect for us!

Frida, Winterbourne Over The Moon, from Kennel Winterbourne in Sweden was born on August 8th 2014. She has a lovely nature and is a "happy go lucky" type of dog. She loves children and if they sit down to pet her, they a stuck with her :-) She is very in her own world when we are out on walks. Where the other two run about like mad, she stays close and takes her time. She has to sniff every flower and take in the scenery. For those of you who know the story about Ferdinand the bull.....well that´s Frida,

Frida was shown as a puppy and junior, but she never enjoyed herself so we found other activities. She has passed the hunting ability test and has received the Working Class Certificate (WCC). She loves to work and retriving in water and land is her favourite activity. Ske also loves tracking and i am always impressed over her her eagerness to work. 

Frida is a special girl and we love her to bits. 

Emma came to us from Kennel Coverwell in England in October 2016 when she was 4 months old. I call her my English rose. She is a bundle of joy and good action, as one of the judges said at a dog show after the judging. She is very outgoing and HAPPY. She loves everybody and would play outside with the kids all day if she was allowed. She is eager to work but we have yet to try for the hunting ability test. We do a lot of field work and retrieving and she loves it. 

Emma has done quite good at dog shows and has obtained her Norwegian show champion title. She always impresses the judges with her lovely outgoing temperament, which she has passed on to her puppies. She has had two litters, with 6 and 8 puppies, and they have all done us so proud.

Emma...happy, fun and loving. Just love her  ❤

Lilje, NORD UCH NJV-18 NORDJV-18 NV-20 Winterbourne Ps I Love You was born on 31th of July 2017. She as Frida comes from Kennel Winterbourne in Sweden. Lilje is a very sweet girl. She gives the best huggs and just wants to be near you and cuddle. She is a bit more reserved by nature, but give her time and she´ll be your best friend. 

We have not done a lot of training and that shows when retrieving. She will gladly retrieve the dummy...on land or in water, but you can see in her eyes when she comes towards you that she is going to do a runner. And she does with the intent of keeping the dummy all to herself. So we do have a big job at hand. 

Lilje has done me very proud at dog shows. She has obtained the champion show title in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. She has as the second field spaniel in the show history in Norway won Best In Show at a official dog show. My late Molly was the first one to win that. Lilje has also been placed several times in the BIS finals, and always with lovely critiques. So she makes up for her mischievous behavior retrieving in the show ring, where she behaves perfectly :-) sweet as they her ❤

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07.05 | 19:33

Hei 😊 Jeg er interessert i en tispe valp
Mvh Hedvig

08.03 | 08:47

Hvordan er field spaniel på spor? Jeg ønsker meg en hund som også kan brukes som ettersøkshund (vilt) Jeg har tidligere hatt engelsk springer og har nå en elghundblanding. Jeg går på jakt.

02.02 | 10:06

Hei, Ja det er mange på listen over de som ønsker seg valp. Hvor lenge en må belage seg på å vente er umulig å si dessverre .

21.01 | 20:40

Hei. Vi er en familie (med to barn, 11 og 15 år) som har veldig lyst på hund og er blitt forelsket i Field Spaniel. Vi lurer derfor på om du har lang venteliste og når det evnt kan være aktuelt? Takk😊

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